Some time ago we made an entry commenting on web design trends for 2020. Since then, and up to this point, some of the ones we commented on back then have been maintained, as is the case of large fonts, 3D elements, dynamism and custom cursors. But of course, there are others that we will mention below, and that will continue to set the tone for the coming year.


Which is nothing more than applying a game of lights and shadows to borderless elements on sober backgrounds, in order to get that touch of real object in a digital environment. The idea is to convey the feeling that these elements are really inside the background and that they are shown because they stand out from the inside.

This trend has been coming to life for about three years, especially in the development of mobile and desktop applications, but it has been gradually invading web design and will surely be very present in 2023.

Neumorphism web design trend

Design by: Nicolas Jey

Image by: Samson Vowles

Augmented reality

According to our approach, augmented reality will continue to grow and it is precisely this evolution that will allow it to be included in any web environment, providing sites with an interactive experience that will help the end user to make decisions when purchasing a product or service.

The website, offers the service of artificial intelligence and augmented reality SaaS solutions for beauty and fashion companies.

Animated backgrounds

Although it is not a new concept, and in fact in previous posts we have talked about dynamism, it is no secret that its usability has been increasing, now the sections of many websites highlight their content through background videos or css animations with movement, which allows to focus the user’s attention on a specific area and stay longer on a website.

We have applied them to our own website.

White spaces

All these elements that we have been mentioning go hand in hand with minimalism, their use should not affect the simplicity of a web design. One of the purposes of a web page is to transmit information in a warm and pleasant way, without the content becoming overwhelming. That is why the use of white spaces helps to obtain a friendlier experience, in which legibility and comprehension are the protagonists.

White space

Website: candyblack

White space

Website: finnova

In conclusion, web design continues to evolve every year, and keeping abreast of new trends allows you to create dynamic and durable websites. Of course, some trends will adapt better than others depending on the type of project to be implemented.

But even so, taking them into consideration is of great value in today’s changing environment. That’s why at itandfeel we are here to help you take your customers’ experience to another level.