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Davinci Resolve
Substance Designer
who we are

Two video game enthusiasts

We are itandfeel, a small indie game studio made up of two people; a developer and a designer, who love what we do. Our passion is to create short games with great stories in Unreal Engine.


Some of our latest news

28 May 2024 in Tips

Lottie Animations from Figma

In this post, we will show you how to export Lottie animations from Figma, and…
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1 May 2024 in Games

ID@Xbox Showcase 2024: Highlighted announcements

Last April 17, we witnessed the exciting Nintendo Indie World Showcase, where we got an…
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21 April 2024 in Games

Nintendo Indie World Showcase 2024: Featured Announcements

Last April 17, 2024 took place the Nintendo Indie World Showcase, an event whose purpose…
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20 April 2024 in Design, Tips

Blender 4.1: Five great features

Since the release of Blender 4.1, we have been eager to test its new features…
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