Just as the composition and choice of colors, typography is an important part of the overall branding process.

It is for this reason that you should choose a font that reflects simplicity, and even better if it can last over time. We do not mean that you cannot renew yourself, we know that styles tend to change with the passing of time and it becomes necessary to take a step with them so as not to be outdated. However, it would be amazing if the brand that represents you or your business becomes an icon that defines you even with the passing of the years.

Therefore, it is recommended to choose a typeface that is understandable, clear and easy to read regardless of the medium on which it is printed. For this reason, below is a brief review of some of the existing typefaces and what each of them can reflect, so that you know which one to choose according to your style.

Serif fonts:

The best known are Times, Georgia and Garamond, they are characterized by having curved lines (serifs) known as finial or grace. They provide the effect of tranquility, elegance, tradition and respect, so they are usually used for institutional or corporate purposes.

serif typeface

Sans Serif fonts:

That is, without serif, its vertices are straight and do not have contrast, since its strokes are uniform. Among the oldest and best known are: Arial, Helvetica and Tahoma.

Some of the most recent ones are Quicksand, Roboto and Montserrat. They convey professionalism, cleanliness and timeliness, and are considered modern fonts, although, like serif fonts, they are usually considered serious and elegant.

sans serif fonts

Display fonts:

Personality, that is the word to define them, since they have great visual impact. It is for this reason that their use is generally focused on large size signs, magazine covers, posters. Among them we can name: Lobster, Oleo Script, Playball.

One of the main characteristics of this type of font is that in very small sizes they are not very legible, which is why they must be chosen very carefully and for a specific purpose, usually advertising.

display fonts

Script fonts:

They are usually written with a calligraphic touch, that is, as if they were handwritten or cursive. When used, their main interpretation is of glamour and sophistication, although in recent years they have also been widely used to convey warmth, therefore they can also be synonymous with tradition. Among the best known are: Great Vibes, Parisienne and Tangerine.

script fonts

In conclusion: The text described here is simply an approach, so that you have a clearer perspective on the use of typefaces. The number of existing typefaces is really wide, but the most important thing is that the ones you choose to represent your brand express the message you want to convey in the best possible way.