In this opportunity we want to make known the concept of freelance work and what remote work implies, because in the technological area this kind of hiring is very common. However, it seems that many companies tend to confuse both terms; offering a job with a set schedule (for example, Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm) under the figure of Freelance.

A freelancer is an independent person, with the ability to provide services remotely to third parties. In this respect, the contracting party should be aware that the monetary compensation should not be based on a fixed schedule, but rather for the fulfillment of the tasks corresponding to a specific requirement. However, payments could be made according to the number of hours dedicated to the project, but always taking into account that the employee is an organized and self-taught person able to comply with the time schedule that suits him/her best.

In other hand, a remote work is one that can be done from anywhere, outside of a traditional office environment. However, in this case, there is talk of a permanent job, with a set schedule, as well as policies and specific daily tasks that must be fulfilled according to a professional profile. This is why, under this type of employment, it is possible to talk about a remuneration based on the fulfillment of the schedule and projected goals in the short, medium or long term.

In conclusion, in a Freelance work relationship, generally the project to be developed and its scope must always be taken into account, while in the remote work modality, it is simply the place where the activities will be developed.