This wonderful solution to spam provided by Google, has a fairly efficient size when viewed on most mobile devices.  However, for resolutions from 240px to 360px the Google reCaptcha overflows, obtaining an undesired result.

So, taking this event as a reference; we want to share a solution that we have compiled from two sites: and, where a simple way to solve it is explained, and it is through the use of the transform property of css3.

As explained in both blogs, it is not possible to make modifications directly in the script, because it comes from an external source, but in the div with the g-recaptcha class to which the transform: scale property will be applied to adapt it to our design.

.g-recaptcha {
  transform: scale(0.79);
  transform-origin: 0 0;

Certainly, a very effective solution to adapt the Google reCaptcha in this resolution.