When creating a website, it’s necessary keep in mind several aspects to achieve its success, among them we can highlight: its look, navigability and responsiveness on different devices. However, within its layout there is a section of great importance, which despite being present in all interfaces, sometimes goes unnoticed, or simply occupies a space at the end of the website because it is dictated by the standard, we are talking about the footer.

This element can be a very valuable way to achieve a definite connection between your brand and potential users. The footer represents the summary of your web page, it can include: contact information, social networks, product or service promotion links, links to legal texts and subscription or contact forms. In other words, it contains the elements that will allow you to strengthen a link of greater trust towards your corporate identity. Therefore, it is necessary to consider a footer that is in line with the site’s design and that allows you to make the most of its communication potential.

Here we list some websites that reflect the use of their footer according to their content.

Footer itandfeel | Blog

This first case refers to our own footer, as our company is mainly dedicated to software development we consider it essential to incorporate in our footer the contact information, so that all those interested in hiring our services can communicate with our team through several media.

Digital Ocean footer | Blog itandfeel

In contrast, the DigitalOcean company has a design that initially includes a call to action, followed by a series of links that include company and contact information, links to their products and solutions.

CorkCicle footer | Blog itandfeel

On the Corkcicle website, being an online store, its footer offers links to its latest Instagram posts as well as information about its brand, wholesale information, and support for questions regarding purchase orders.

Dropbox Footer | Blog itandfeel

Dropbox’s footer, on the other hand, is focused on strengthening its products, providing confidence through its corporate identity, and providing all the information that serves as support, from the help center to links to its community.

In conclusion, the footer will vary according to the kind of website you are designing, so it’s relevant to study very well the elements to include in it, as well as its look and feel, in order to ensure a real connection with your visitors. And remember, the design of a good footer will always point to a higher conversion.