Web design trends tend to vary continuously, however, some of these are maintained and continue to evolve, and it seems that this is the case of many of the trends we have seen during this 2019, which are here to stay; even in 2020. Here we leave you a list with those that we consider will continue to be present.


These will be used not only for headlines, but also for the body of the content in general, achieving a design of great visual impact. However, it is important to adjust them for mobile versions, especially in 2020, when the mobile-first-design concept will be stronger than ever.


This trend allows us to see fresher web designs, as if each page were a single canvas, whose exploration becomes more interesting after each step of the scroll. At this point, visual balance plays a fundamental role.


By this we mean interactivity with the viewer through the use of animations. Although it is true, the implementation of these will depend on the type of web page and its content, but in general, even if it is a simple animation (if it is carried out well), it will always generate positive results.


Geometric shapes have been present in many of the designs that we have seen during 2019, in 2020 we will continue to see them but in a more organic way, providing fluidity to the website, and as a way to capture the viewer’s attention towards the most important areas.


A lot of web pages are adopting this kind of design in their layout. However, its use must be justified, since it does not apply in all cases. But what is certain is that they provide an immersive and entertaining experience to their visitors.


This is one of the most recent trends and it is certainly on the rise, so this 2020 we may see changes in the size, shape and color of the cursors, thus providing extra personality.

In conclusion, those mentioned here are some of the trends for web design that have gained strength in recent months and that we believe will be present next year, either as we have seen so far, or in its evolved way.  It is for this reason that we must be aware of them, and consider a smart integration into our designs, in order to maintain a fine balance between look and performance.