Nowadays productivity is vital and it is extremely useful to know tools and / or services that can serve as a task runner.

Today we want to talk about Grunt, a fantastic tool that uses Nodejs and that allows us through plugins to test, unify, move, optimize js and css files. In addition to being able to reduce the size of images, among many other features, such as transforming Sass to css.

From the official site, you can review the great documentation, a quick example can be seen in the always very well explained videos of the master Jesús Conde:

Our favorite plugins are:

  • grunt-contrib-concat
  • grunt-contrib-uglify
  • grunt-concat-css
  • grunt-postcss
  • grunt-contrib-imagemin

In a next post we will talk about Yeoman an excellent tool that works in conjunction with Grunt, to scaffold a wide variety of platforms such as: Electron, Ionic, Angular, Symfony and many others.

Currently these technologies have been unified in webpacks, hopefully we will be able to tell you more about this soon.