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The gaming landscape, a rich tapestry woven with constant innovation and cutting-edge technology, is currently witnessing a unique trend. A wave of nostalgia has swept over the indie game scene, breathing life back into the pixelated charm of PlayStation 1 (PS1) era graphics. While mainstream franchises are preoccupied with sleek photorealism, the indie game field finds itself enamored by the retro aesthetics, signaling a delightful shift in the graphic realm.

The PS1 graphic revival


Ahhh… PS1, is a name echoing with late-night gaming marathons and joys of victories past in the minds of countless gamers. As a fundamental pivot of the fifth-generation gaming consoles, PS1 shifted the perspective from 2D to 3D environments, birthing a generation of games marked by low-polygon models, muddied textures, and compelling game design.

The resurgence of this retro styling is more than a mere novelty. It is an artistic choice benefiting both creators and players, immersing them in a pool of nostalgia while embracing creative freedom. The grainy visuals and washed-out color palettes offer a distinctive design, harking back to the origins of 3D gaming.

Re-Imagining with retro


Indie game developers adopting this trend are not just re-living but re-imagining the PS1 graphic style. Armed with today’s technology and greater understanding of game mechanics, they’re adding depth to the simplicity, transforming limitations of the past into innovative design choices. The ‘limitations’ are now unique art directions striking a chord with both ’90s gamers and a newer audience looking for a refreshingly vintage gaming experience.

Szrot – Kontraktor Entertainment Bureau

The PS1 charm in today’s titles


This trend is not just a niche, but is causing a sensation in the world of video games. Several indie games in recent years, especially in the horror genre, have taken advantage of this graphic style (this style adds extra tension to any atmosphere). Thus, we can mention:

Murder House (2020) | Puppet Combo

A game that simulates the fifth generation of survival horror games.

Happy's Humble Burger Farm

Happy’s Humble Burger Farm (2021) | Scythe Dev Team

A game in which attention to the public should be exceptional, unless of course you want Happy to get angry.

Blood Wash

Bloodwash (2021) | Black Eyed Priest, Henry Hoare

A narrative-driven horror experience in which you must survive a serial killer.


JANITOR BLEEDS (2022) | Korpus

An adventure of terror and mystery in which you will have to survive your surroundings.

Compound fracture

And a game with a stunning visuals and reminiscent of the great Dino Crisis: Compound Fracture, no release date has yet been set, but we are already looking forward to it.

In conclusion, the trend of reverting back to PS1 style graphics in indie games exemplifies nostalgia’s powerful pull and creativity’s paradoxical nature, where looking back can pave the way forward. As we stand in the middle of this trend, it’s an exciting time for gamers and creators alike who are part of this unlikely yet fascinating journey back into the world pixelated graphics.

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