Web Services, its tacit definition, is expressed as a set of technologies and protocols that act as intermediaries between two or more machines. It is common to find terms such as XML, SOAP, API/Rest when referring to web services.

Similarly, in a more prosaic and superficial way, we can relate web services as the typical activity of domain registrations and web hosting. But the truth is that the term web services is evolving and expanding; covering a myriad of technologies and devices but at the same time its philosophical definition remains almost intact.

With the arrival of the Internet of Things, it is necessary that web services provide more intelligent tools and solutions according to the current times. One of the fundamental features of web services is the Big Data, every day the sensors and information capturers of our devices or smart gadgets is increasing, every time we notice that their costs are getting cheaper and therefore, they are more affordable, for example Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant.

Ensuring the capture, processing and correct analysis of information is fundamental, and this is only possible through web services. Redundancy is key to this task, i.e., the media where the information flows must be varied and the insertion of the data in the cluster or server farms for analysis must also be varied, so different technologies and protocols must come together to perform this task.

We do not need to spend thousands or millions of dollars, or have a master’s degree in server management, to expand the reach of our businesses or products; fortunately we currently have several technologies and huge platforms such as Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft’s Azure. With them we can create apps for the analysis and processing of images, interest profiles, demographic information, weather, automotive traffic, spatial information, among many others. In addition, we can use or create our AI (artificial intelligence) and provide it with all that information. In this way, we can offer much more intelligent solutions.

In conclusion, web services is a much richer and broader term than what is usually inferred, in it coexist different technologies that make possible the internet of things, as well as the fact that you can read our article.

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