Using a password manager for all the services that we access today has become a truly essential action, since in recent years the number of cases for illicit activities on the Internet has gained strength, and this is mainly due to the low security of our passwords.

Generally, in the process of creating a password, people choose one that is relatively short and easy to remember, which is why in many cases it is directly related to personal data such as identification number, name, date of birth, among others. These data are easily accessible, as they are used on a daily basis, and in some cases are even displayed spontaneously through the use of social networks.

As if this were not enough, once the password has been created, as it is easy to memorize, it is decided to reuse it in multiple services, changing only a couple of characters (being essentially the same password), so a gap of security very difficult to remedy if it is discovered by those who want to get hold of our information.

Many mistakenly think that their information is not valuable enough for someone to want to get hold of it; but the truth is that, with control of a person’s information, cyber-criminals can steal our money, even use us as a proxy (bridge) to execute illegal tasks, leaving our IP, equipment and data exposed in these acts.

From there comes the importance of using a good password manager, since through this application you will be able to generate and store different passwords for each service in a secure way, according to the following features:

  • They usually have a password generator, which will allow the combination of letters, numbers and special characters according to the indicated length (the latter greater than 10 digits), thus ensuring random passwords that are difficult for third parties to guess.
  • They comply with maximum security encryption standards to ensure the encryption of all stored data.
  • They facilitate the registration of multiple access accounts, so you can save as many passwords as you want.
  • All passwords are stored under a single master key, the creation of which must meet the standards of a strong password, but still; much easier to memorize, compared to a whole list.

In conclusion, a password manager will remember all the credentials of your services for you, keeping them protected in one place, and preventing access to them by a third party.