As you may have noticed, we have recently made a refresh to our brand, we have given a more modern touch to our logo and redesigned our website. So, taking advantage of this new image, we believe it is necessary to let you know the difference between Restyling and Rebranding, two terms that are usually confused.

What is Restyling?

As its name indicates, it is about making a change of image, a refreshing of the communicative elements that give life to the brand as such. This can be done to the logo, typefaces, colors, website, in itself any element facing the client.

When should a Restyling be implemented?

  • When you want to move with new trends.
  • An image update is required to reconnect with the target audience.
  • Changes in company management. Perhaps it is a merger, a new acquisition or an absorption and it is necessary to communicate the change, but maintaining the essence of the original company.

Which brings us to: What is Rebranding?

Just as Restyling is a marketing strategy, however, rebranding involves modifying the foundations of a brand, from its mission to its target audience. In other words, it is an in-depth change of the elements that identify it, in order to reformulate it.

In which cases is it necessary?

  • When the initial target audience has lost all interest in the brand.
  • If the brand is very similar to another brand.
  • If the company’s profits are not what they used to be.
  • You need to reach new geographic sectors.
  • When your products have changed.
  • Incorrect management has been carried out, and it becomes necessary to correct that bad image.

As you can see, both concepts, although similar, are very different in definition and implementation. So if at some point, you are considering a change to your brand, first evaluate the causes that may be influencing your decision, so that you can choose the right strategy for a successful relaunch.