Hey Web!

It is a mobile application for Android, developed using Kotlin and Realm, whose function is to monitor the change of state of websites.

It’s a completely free and easy to use, you just have to include the URL of the website you want to track and that’s it; very useful especially for webmasters.


2011 – 2020


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Google Play


Hey Web! was born as part of the maintenance service we provide to our website clients, as a way to keep track of their domains and be able to act in a timely manner in case of any failure by their hosting providers. However, if this tool was useful for our team, why not share it with all those professionals in the area, surely for them it would also be very useful.


Having defined the type of application we wanted to develop, it was time to define a name. How did we want our app to be known? It had to be a name that was easy to remember, intuitive and able to quickly describe its functionality. That’s how we came up with ‘Hey Web!’.

Branding idea
Hey web logo and colors

Logo and Colors

As for the colors and logo, they had to fit perfectly with the lightness and simplicity of the application, so a lilac and a light gray would give personality to those curved lines that make up the up and down arrows that so well define the possible states of a website in production.

Application made real

We developed Hey Web as a native Android application, and for this we used Kotlin given its dynamic behavior, along with Realm, the perfect combination to provide a pleasant user experience, without sacrificing mobile resources.

Hey web application ui
Publishing image


Hey web saw the light of day in 2011, and from there we performed all the necessary process for its visibility in the Play Store. In 2016 we performed a major update, in which new configuration options were added. And more recently, in 2020 we performed an update that resulted in improved background processes. We expect to continue to expand its functionality in future versions.

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