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Website developed in WordPress, to offer physiotherapy services at home. It has a page for booking appointments and a totally unique design, 100% customized.




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When the client first contacted us, they wanted an unconventional website that would leave aside the big banners and focus on navigability, since the website would be mainly used by elderly people. That is why we created a friendly and intuitive website where each call to action would have a reason to exist and would provide the end user with the desired accessibility.


We created a first proposal for the home page, based on the desired features, with unconventional images, rounded edges, with overlapping elements and distributed asymmetrically. The impact generated as a first impression was positive and from there we continued with the creation of the rest of the interfaces.

physiotherapy website prototype
Jessica woods logo


The logo and color tones used in the website correspond to the client’s brand design. We adapted to them so that they fit perfectly with the structure of the website.


Once the interface design was approved, it was time to transfer the images to the web environment and for this, we made use of the CMS with more years of experience in the market: WordPress, additionally we integrated and configured a theme with visual editor, so that the end customer can make future content changes in an easy and intuitive way.

Physiotherapy website design


Additionally, and as a fundamental part of the website’s purpose, we created a page for booking appointments. We also strategically integrated a contact form on the home page, the services pages, as well as on the contact page itself, so that it would be available to the end user at all times.

The result

A fresh and attractive website in terms of design, functional and fully adaptable to mobile devices.

Physiotherapy website responsive

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