Paranoid Shield

A user-friendly, 100% offline password manager that will allow you to keep your passwords secure.


2019 – Present


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Paranoid shield was born out of a need to keep our own passwords in safe hands. Most password managers although widely used and very versatile did not quite meet our expectations, we wanted a tool that met the following requirements:

  • Local operation
  • Highest security encryption
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable password generator
  • Expandable over time

The brand story

Once we defined the product we wanted to create, we realized that it still didn’t have a name. We thought of several proposals, but beyond a popular name we focused on the features we wanted to offer and these fit perfectly with those of us who are severely concerned about the security of our data. So “Paranoid Shield” seemed perfect for us.

Paranoid Brand Story
Paranoid Logo and colors

Logo and colors

Sobriety and simplicity must be the protagonists when talking about security.

Application made real

Paranoid Shield is a desktop application for Windows 8/10 with the following features:

  • 100% offline
  • AES 256 encryption
  • Random and unique security keys for each user
  • User-friendly and intuitive
  • Integrated password generator
  • Zero knowledge philosophy
  • Versatile, we are still adding new features today
Paranoid Custom Web Design

Custom web design

We designed a website with the selected color palette, and incorporated several animations so that the website itself would be explanatory about Paranoid Shield’s features, as well as highlighting the advantages of its use.


We carry out the whole process of publishing our application in the Microsoft Store, in order to facilitate its download and at the same time offer our users a reliable place from which to test its features.

Paranoid Publishing

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