An arcade video game developed in UE4, which consists of going around the planet as many times as possible while avoiding the heavy stones. Each lap increasing the score.


2018 (launch)
2021 (update)


Engine: UE4
Texturing: Substance Painter,
Substance Designer
3D modeling: Blender
Programming: C++


Game Concept

To establish the game mechanics, we focused on the product we wanted to develop, a simple but addictive game that would allow our target audience to hang out while waiting for their turn at the dentist’s office or just to relax a little before going to sleep. In itself, what we wanted to create is a casual game to play from time to time.

Level design

Gravituz has only one level, but don’t be fooled, the truth is that we didn’t just make it simple. In the first instance we thought of the synergy that should exist between all the elements, the asteroids around the planet, the heavy rocks as the enemy, a clear objective and the main star; a little spaceship capable of dodging those huge rocks in order to complete as many laps as possible.

That is why we created a colorful scenario with green and purple tones, where the play of volumetric lights in the background and the dynamic soundtrack allow a pleasant and immersive gaming experience.

Gravituz mechanics

Another important point to consider is that Gravituz can be played with only one hand, a feature that undoubtedly adds great value to the game, since it is designed as a casual game, allowing players to start a game while enjoying a good coffee or tea in the afternoon.

Art Style

As for the game’s visuals, Gravituz is composed of 3D elements with a combination of realistic and hand painted textures.


Gravituz is available on the Microsoft Store, as well as on the platform. For this we did all the work of image editing, and editing the gameplay, which is also available on YouTube.

Gravituz art style

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