Tammy Vigue

Website created for Tammy Vigue, a consultant with a twenty-year career in the pension and investment industry.

Inspired by the idea that the purpose of her retirement program is to design a meaningful and fulfilling post-career life. We designed a WordPress website in pastel colors, with geometric elements and overlapping images.




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In this case, the client knew exactly what he wanted, he sent us his creative brief, and in it he described a website focused on projecting the image of Tammy Vigue as a speaker, as a consultant and in general that accessible person, able to guide others in the process to achieve a successful retirement. It is for this reason that we thought of a warm website, capable of generating confidence and with that touch of Tammy’s own elegance.


Following our way of working, we designed a first proposal for the home page, always taking into consideration the guidelines described in the creative brief, but adding our touch, that style that characterizes us.

The impression obtained was positive, with minimal and well-defined changes, so starting from that point we continued with the design of the rest of the interfaces.

Coaching website prototype
Coaching website branding


The logo and colors used in the website correspond to the client’s brand design, we adapted them to the proposed structure, so that together they generate the desired impact on those successful women who definitely do not want a conventional retirement.


Once the interface design was approved, it was time to transfer the design in images to the web environment and for this we used WordPress as CMS, fully integrated to a theme with visual editor, so that the end customer can make future modifications to the content in an easy and intuitive way.


Taking into consideration the purpose of the website and as part of the request described by the client, we added subscription forms, integrating with Mailchimp. Likewise, we added a contact form to make the communication between the end user and our client accessible, as well as the different links to their social networks.

The result

A successful website, with a really attractive visual look and fully adaptable to mobile devices.

Coaching website the result

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