Development of a prototype of an administrative system for the management of pharmacies, whose architecture is composed of three technologies; web design in Angular, sales application in QT and backend in Symfony.


From April through
November, 2022


Business model definition,
App development,
Front development,
Backend development,
UI/UX design.


Angular, Symfony
and Qt.


AustralPOS was born from the need for an easy to use system that would allow to carry out the main processes of a pharmacy, such as inventory management, sales, printing invoices and purchases from suppliers.

In the current market there are many systems focused on the same purpose, what differentiates AustralPOS from the rest, is its business model, which as well as a streaming service, allows the subscription model of modules on demand, without installation or complex configurations.


At the beginning of the development, the module for user management was conceived, an essential section taking into consideration the business model. Subsequently, we proceeded with the inventory module, taking into account that without the products loaded in the system it is not possible to make sales, and finally some sales were made. All these features were tested using Postman.

Additionally, some interfaces related to the previous tests were designed, both for the web environment and the desktop environment.

Coaching website prototype
AustralPOS logo and colors

Logo and colors

The logo corresponds to an abstract and minimalist design that had the colors related to the pharmaceutical industry, but in its graphic aspect was not closely related, since the purpose of the system in the future includes the adaptation to various industries, not only pharmacies.


As we mentioned at the beginning, the general architecture of the system includes the use of different technologies. Thus, for the web environment we developed a structure in Angular, which was directly connected to the Backend created in Symfony, whose main objective is focused on the administration of the pharmacy branches. In this way, the Front interfaces would allow to have more information about the system, successfully perform the subscription process and connect to the user account.

Once inside, options for branch registration, registration of relevant documentation, management of the number of employees, number of warehouses, product loading and even sales consultation would be available.

Sales System

The desktop application would focus on the sales process, considering the different types of customers that a pharmacy may have, and the options allowed according to the profile of each one. Also, the payment methods allowed to carry out a successful sale.

The result

Architecture with all the business logic by subscription, user profile management, product loading, promotion management conception, locations, customer registration, staff management, warehouse management and sales process.

It is fully scalable and with solid foundations to continue its development on a large scale, including various items and adaptable to different countries.

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